How to Help

Pycolo is under active development, and contributions are more than welcome!

  1. Check for open issues or open a fresh issue to start a discussion around a feature idea or a bug. There is a Contributor Friendly tag for issues that should be ideal for people who are not very familiar with the codebase yet.
  2. Fork the repository on Github to start making your changes to the develop branch (or branch off of it).
  3. Write a test which shows that the bug was fixed or that the feature works as expected.
  4. Send a pull request and bug the maintainer until it gets merged and published. :) Make sure to add yourself to AUTHORS.

What Needs to be Done

  • Passing all ETSI tests.
  • Passing all examples tests.
  • Add automatic testing support with IRISA website (
  • Add support for DTLS.
  • Check working state in IPv4/IPv6

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